Breuer is widely known as a leading provider of intelligent motor solutions for all extraction industries. Originating from the mining industry, Breuer has developed a wide range of specialist motors and drives over many decades. After worldwide success of its award winning technology, Breuer transferred this knowledge to applications within other market sectors and has consequently long since become a developed and trusted supplier to the Oil & Gas industry. After a period of more than 10 years we now have strong and successful partnerships with many Oil & Gas customers across the globe.

The Breuer VFD product line ecoVert® is the key to our success. Its modular design and high power capability provide individual, cost-effective solutions for any requirement in the power range 15kW – 2700 kW. Being designed and manufactured in Germany, ecoVert® drives offer the reliability, safety and flexibility required to meet the ever increasing demands of this industry.

  • Ideal for power control room (PCR) or TopDrive container
  • Plug and play installation
  • Fiber-optic communication to ensure secure operation in EMC sensitive areas
  • Documentation and archive options using our ecoWin® software tools


Power range

15 kW (20hp) up to 2700 kW (3650hp)

Output frequency

0.1 - 500 Hz

Braking operation

Optional: integral brake chopper circuit or regeneration unit (active front end)

Protection class

IP20, IP54 for plug-in modules 

IP23, IP54 for control room solutions

Note - protection class can be increased upon request 

Overload current

1.5 times rated current 

Ambient temperature

Rated operation up to +40°C (+105°F), with derating up to +55°C (+131°F)

Environmental conditions

IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2 and 3S2

Cooling type

Forced air cooling or water cooling options


STO dual-channel “safety stop“ 

and / or motor thermal protection of an ATEX certified motor in explosion-hazard environments


CANopen, Profibus DP,  ProfiNet IO,  EtherNet IP, DeviceNet, etc.


According to IEC 61800-3, category C2/C3