Custom Designs

Breuer offer customized solutions in various areas. We are the right partner to ask for economic technically advanced frequency control technology for asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors or reluctance motors if you need an individual solution or a small product series. This could be test bench technology, specialty vehicles with hybrid, diesel-electrical or railway drives, hoist applications or port cranes.

For any application the frequency converter will be customized by our engineers in its hardware or software design. Software functions include Master/Slave, synchronization, load share and hosting control, modules for vertical and horizontal drilling, anti-skid, and anti-slip protection etc.

One partner – total services from an idea, through design and prototype building to full production. 


Replacement of a 6-cylinder diesel engine with 18 litre cylinder capacity at a large construction machine by a speed / torque controlled, water-cooled 550 kW Breuer asynchronous motor with integrated frequency converter.

Especially in the metropolitan regions, the requirements for the reduction of exhaust and noise emissions are increasing worldwide. Even with large high-performance construction machines, an increasing market for machines with low-emission drive variants is developing.

In line with this trend, Breuer-Motoren developed an electric drive with an integrated frequency converter. In addition to the performance of the drive, the focus was on minimal design adaptations to the construction machine.

This enabled the customer to replace the diesel engine by the low-emission Breuer frequency converter motor in a short period of time.