Breuer offer high quality innovative products and services that satisfy all of our customer's requirements and expectations.

We ensure high quality by:

  • Maintaining a high degree of customer focus
  • Development of a quality culture
  • Process oriented improvement
  • Creativity in research and development
  • Operating safety conscious practices
  • Promoting a 'goal-oriented' mindset within our company
  • Reasoning by building, measuring and testing goals and tasks
  • Building of effective and efficient business processes and operating continuous monitoring and improvement of our systems

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. In order to achieve the highest rates we constantly analyze, measure and improve our processes. In cooperation with our customers we develop total solutions that satisfy all of their needs.




The primary aim of Breuer is to maintain market leadership in the field of frequency converter and motor technology. In achieving this, Breuer remains committed to the ethical standards of business conduct and to all rules and regulations of countries we operate in.

Breuer operate to the highest health and safety standards. All business activities are performed to minimize any damage to persons or to the environment. The health of our employees, safety at work and protecting the environment have the utmost priority. We operate under the premises of environment protection with the goal to minimize harmful influences to the world.

We do this by:

  • Complying with HSE regulations
  • Prevention of accident and health risks to our personnel and minimizing environmental risks by the implementation of effective risk management strategies
  • Monitoring, auditing and continuous improvement of corporate HSE performance
  • Assurance that safety of the environment is priority and a core responsibility of the company management
  • Development and maintenance of contingency plans
  • Promotion and active use of environmentally friendly processes and technologies




  • ISO 9001:2015
  • EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2020
  • ATEX; IECEx und ANZEx: (European explosion protection)
    EN 60079-0 (general requirements)
    EN 60079-1 (type of protection "flameproof enclosure Ex "d")
    EN 60079-7 (protection by increased safety "e")
    EN 60079-11 (protection by intrinsic safety "i")
  • MA
  • CCC
  • CCS
  • NEC 500 UL
  • NEC 505 UL
  • ABS
  • MSHA
  • DNV-GL