Today’s Breuer-Motoren GmbH & Co. KG (Breuer Motors) was founded in Bochum, Germany over 135 years ago, in 1877. The company founder, Carl Breuer, originally operated the company as a coal exporter. After the death of Carl Breuer in 1890, his authorized representative, Mr. Koenig, took control of the company and developed it into a supplier for the mining industry. In the next few decades, the company added a repair center for mining machines and began designing and producing flameproof motors with explosion-proof enclosures. 

In 1936, control of the company passed to Paul Bärwinkel and the Chaudoire family and it was incorporated as a limited liability corporation (GmbH). After the death of senior partner Rudolf Chaudoire, Karl Linnepe ran the factory as the sole managing partner. Karl had also been the company’s sales director from 1960. 

In order to secure the future, the company successfully began development and production of variable-speed drives up to 2.7MW for the industrial sector, in particular for drilling, oil and gas, tunneling, steel, cement and test equipment and special vehicles.