Breuer has a wide range of motors suitable for all heavy duty applications, particularly for use in mining machinery and oil & gas rigs. Breuer motors are also used in tunnelling, test bench technology, railway, and specialty vehicles – any application that requires reliability, cost efficiency, robustness, energy saving and compact component design.

When it comes to constructing unique customized motors to satisfy your special requirements, Breuer regularly applies the knowledge and many years of expertise held by our specialists in Bochum. Air-cooled motors with integrated frequency converters and customized software, liquid-cooled motors with additional shaft cooling for special performance requirements and an additional bronze coating in the cooling channels to increase protection against corrosion, everything is possible.



Rower range

50 kW to 1600 kW

Input voltage 

400 V to 4160 V, 3 AC


Liquid cooling, Air cooling, convection cooling, forced cooling, open-circuit circulation 


Unlimited number of pole pairs, foot or flange attachment (B3/B5/V1),
shaft design as required, terminal box as required,
axis heights from 160 mm to 560 mm

Protection class

IP20 up to IP68, specific protection class or Ex-proof design upon request, bronze coating of water cooling circuit also available

Design according to UL / CSA / TR certification (formerly Gost) on request