Breuer is a project partner in the SiC-Mobil joint research project. The aim of the SiC-Mobil joint project is to make traction drives and charging systems for electric vehicles smaller, lighter and more efficient. The key to this lies in power electronics. Novel power semiconductor components based on silicon carbide (SiC) enable the realization of high inverter performance with less installation space and weight, while maintaining higher efficiency than with the silicon-based switches (IGBT) used to date. The goal here is to develop and test a holistic and system-compatible implementation concept for integrating components and subsystems into a functional periphery.


As part of the research project, Breuer is significantly involved in the development of the inverter output stages. The inverter output stages are used for drive inverters, mains inverters (AFE) and fast-charging inverters, which are operated with switching frequencies of up to 50kHz.