The drilling industry is powered by customer designed Power Control Rooms, especially the on- or offshore designed Containers fulfilling all upcoming power related needs. Mostly space and costs are next to service reliability, maintenance free designs, flexible in operation and operation in rough areas are the key words to invest in new technology. Is it from updating DC technology to AC technology or adding a separate TopDrive or Mudpump Container? Hereby BREUER offers a well-tested and if needed certified solution for basic and extended needs?

The BREUER Power Control Room for different Rig sizes starting from 1000hp, 1500hp, 2000hp up to 3000hp Rigs, you will find your optimized Container based on your needs. The Power Control Room will be designed in 3D showing and explaining you the system and help to upgrade it to the maximum. The Power Control Room includes the MCC, VFD, Chopper, braking resistors, Air Conditioning, everything up to the embedded safety buttons and control.

The smaller single drive solution as TopDrive or Mudpump Container offers on a maximum performance on minimum space. The TopDrive Container with VFD, Air conditioning, braking resistor and your customer designed PLC finds space on a footprint of down to only 3m x 3m (9,84 ft x 9,84 ft). Special designs for on- and offshore platforms, artic and desert Rigs.

  • Available for all Rig types
  • VFD and SCR are BREUER own technology
  • Customized designs optimized to your needs
  • Safe and reliable system
  • Compact
  • for onshore or offshore environments
  • for arctic and desert environments
  • Remote access possible

The BREUER Power Control Room solution provides a basic up to high-end solution for electric distribution on drilling Rigs to support all electrical units.The modern design of the Power Control Rooms allows to drive all VFD the same time without any restrictions. The container can be supplied by the generator or from grid, a power recuperation back to the grid is as well possible. The generative energy from the Drawwork operation can be same time used in the Mudpumps or TopDrive without losing them for an economic Rig operation.

Because of the BREUER history in coal mining all components, parts and designs can be planned for ultra-harsh environments. Because of the own VFD and SCR development, all parts are optimized to each other for an easy and fast installation and operation. The remote access allows to directly operate with your engineers all around the world without losing travelling time or due to visa issues.


Power range

15 kW (20hp) up to 2700 kW (3650hp)

Output frequency

0.1 - 500 Hz

Braking operation

Optional: integral brake chopper circuit or regeneration unit (active front end)

Protection class

IP20, IP54 for plug-in modules 

IP23, IP54 for control room solutions

Note - protection class can be increased upon request 

Overload current

1.5 times rated current 

Ambient temperature

Rated operation up to +40°C (+105°F), with derating up to +55°C (+131°F)

Environmental conditions

IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2 and 3S2

Cooling type

Forced air cooling or water cooling options


STO dual-channel “safety stop“ 

and / or motor thermal protection of an ATEX certified motor in explosion-hazard environments


CANopen, Profibus DP,  ProfiNet IO,  EtherNet IP, DeviceNet, etc.


According to IEC 61800-3, category C2/C3