In the drilling industry where time truly does mean money, design and efficiency are hand-in-hand with business success. BREUER solutions and mainly the new VFM (Variable Frequency Motor), a motor with integrated VFD, bringing this advantage for your land and offshore drilling operations. For decades, BREUER has specialized in finding easier, more cost-efficient and more efficient ways for their customers to minimize downtimes and make drilling rigs as intelligent, productive and profitable as they can be.

A NEW impulse for oil and gas drilling!

BREUER’s Made in Germany motors get the job done all over the world in a wide variety of sectors. Over 800 of BREUER’s Variable Frequency Motors (ecoVert VFM) have stood the mining test since the turn of the century. Moreover, in oil and gas drilling, over 1,800 AC motors and more than 400 AC TopDrive motors from the Bochum, Germany plant are currently in use. BREUER is combining the advantages of its company’s own VFD technology with the strengths of the oilfield AC motors in one VFM. Take advantage of this innovation for your oil and gas drilling work.

THE PERFECT ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION When the Oilfield ecoVert VFM is used, a Power Control Room (PCR) is, for the most part, not needed. The motor is suitable for existing rigs with a third Mudpump as well as for converting rigs from DC to AC technology. During the retrofit process, work in the Power Control Room is not or only minimal required.

VFM IS ALWAYS INTERCHANGEABLE WITH EXISTING MOTOR TECHNOLOGY. The ecoVert VFM is ideally suited for retrofitting. It replaces old components with ones that are structurally identical but better. The water and air-cooled motors for onshore and offshore drilling rigs are compatible with every type of equipment and can be easily maintained and replaced. As a result, investment, commissioning, and operating costs can be considerably reduced.


  • Wiring to be done as for a simple motor
  • Only requires power supply and communications cable (no heater, blower or temperature cable needed)
  • Chopper, rectifier, inverter, motor, encoder in one
  • Different communication technologies (e.g., ProfiNet, etc.) or hardwired (for rigs without PLC control)
  • Inverter ensures longer life- and maintenance free time, energy-efficiency, quiet operation
  • 1150, 1300, or 1600 hp with 600 V (version with medium voltage possible)
  • Available as an ATEX and a non-ATEX version
  • Safe operation because the electronics are completely separate from the airflow
  • Extremely robust, VFM technology transferred from coal mining industry
  • Identical to the performance of a VFD solution in PCR




Power range

15 kW (20hp) up to 2700 kW (3650hp)

Output frequency

0.1 - 500 Hz

Braking operation

Optional: integral brake chopper circuit or regeneration unit (active front end)

Protection class

IP20, IP54 for plug-in modules 

IP23, IP54 for control room solutions

Note - protection class can be increased upon request 

Overload current

1.5 times rated current 

Ambient temperature

Rated operation up to +40°C (+105°F), with derating up to +55°C (+131°F)

Environmental conditions

IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2 and 3S2

Cooling type

Forced air cooling or water cooling options


STO dual-channel “safety stop“ 

and / or motor thermal protection of an ATEX certified motor in explosion-hazard environments


CANopen, Profibus DP,  ProfiNet IO,  EtherNet IP, DeviceNet, etc.


According to IEC 61800-3, category C2/C3