Breuer is a world renowned provider of drive and motor solutions for all market areas which demand tough, reliable and long lasting equipment. Operating from our head office and main manufacturing plant in Bochum, Germany, all of our products are designed, manufactured and tested in-house to rigorous and exacting standards.

Breuer, founded in 1877, have been supplying high quality products to the Oil & Gas industry for over 10 years.

Motors for TopDrives, Mud Pumps, Drawworks and rotary tables can be offered to both standard and customized specifications. Our water and air cooled motors for onshore and offshore rigs are widely compatible with all types of equipment and are all designed for simple maintenance and replacement. All motors are designed and certified to operate in temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +55°C (+131°F) in order to meet the requirements of both arctic and desert rigs. In addition, our new generation of low noise motors provides new opportunities for drilling in housing areas.

  • AC motors from 300 kW (400hp) to 1600 kW (2200hp)
  • Voltage range 400 V to 4160 V
  • TopDrives suitable for 250T to 1200T
  • Mud Pump & Drawwork motors up to 1600 kW (2200hp)
  • Protection class IP24…IP56, connection box IP56
  • ATEX certified and optionally approved to UL, API, DNV, ABM, etc.
  • Increased safety certification Ex e II T3
  • Flameproof certification Ex d MI
  • VFD for power control room to suit all motor requirements can be also provided