Breuer frequency converter system solutions are used in all heavy duty industries such as oil & gas, mining, steel and cements industries as well as test bench technologies and special transportation equipment.

Our product line ecoVert® with its modular design and high power density makes it possible to offer an individual cost-effective solution to every customer. Drive concepts with ecoVert® are available in the power range 15 kW – 2700 kW for the voltage range 400 V – 1140 V. Due to DC-link connections it is possible to use external DC-power supply or to link various frequency converters. We can also supply any ecoVert® converter with internal PSU for single unit application or with central PSU for multi-drive solutions. Modularity enables high flexibility.

Our user interface is identical for all units and does not depend on power or voltage ratings. Its user-friendliness ensures quick installation and safe operation due to diagnostic tools as well as comprehensive protection concept. EcoVert® is symbol of quality, security and intelligent system solutions.


Power range

15 kW to 2700 kW

Supply voltage

400 V to 480 V, 3 AC, -15 % to +10 %

600 V to 690 V, 3 AC, -15 % to +10 %

1140 V, 3 AC, -10 % to +10 %

Output voltage

0 to 0.98 Usupply

Output frequency

0.5 to 500 Hz

Operating frequency

50/60 Hz +/-5 %

Switching frequency

Rated operation at 4 kHz, from 160 kW 2 kHz, adjustable from 2 kHz to 16 kHz (from 160 kW to 8 kHz) at 400 V

Brake operation

Brake chopper or external Active Front End solution (power regeneration)

Protection class

IP20, IP54 as built-in unit or IP23, IP54 as control cabinet solution, higher class upon request

Overload current

Rated operation x 1.50

Auxiliary supply

AC 230 V

Ambient temperature

Rated operation at 40° C, with de-rating up to 55° C, as specialty solution up to +70°C

Environmental conditions

IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2 and 3S2

Cooling type

Forced air cooling or water cooling options

Motor control 

Asynchronous: Vector oriented control with  / without encoder, 2- and 5-point U/f Synchronous: Vector oriented control with encoder 


STO dual-channel “safety stop“ 

and / or motor thermal protection of an ATEX certified motor in explosion-hazard environments


CANopen, Profibus DP, ProfiNet IO, EtherNet IP, etc.


According to IEC 61800-3, category C3 (C1, C2 with external filtering)



DNV in preparation(ABS, BV, GL, LR as individual approval)

Software macros

Software modules (also optionally customized) for synchronization, Master/Slave, conveying and lifting equipment, anti-skid and anti-slip protection, traction, specialty modules for vertical drilling, pumping etc.

Start-up software

ecoWin® for easy installation, parameter setting, archiving and diagnostics