Compact motors, massive performance

Robust performance solutions.

In the challenging environment of tunnel construction and advancement, BREUER® is your reliable partner for advanced drive solutions. Our inverters and motors have been developed to meet the complex demands of this industry and precisely address the needs of your projects. With over 145 years of experience in mining and tunnel construction, we offer adaptable drive solutions for varying geological conditions. Our perfectly tailored water-cooled inverters and motors help elevate your machines to a new level of performance and efficiently remove losses from the tunnel.

Efficiency Underground

We understand the need for resilient motors in extreme environments and offer robust constructions that withstand moisture, dust, and temperature fluctuations. Safety is our top priority, so we integrate comprehensive safety features. We also emphasize easy accessibility for maintenance and provide energy-efficient solutions to optimize operating costs while supporting sustainable tunnel construction projects. With BREUER®, you are well-equipped for the future of tunnel construction.


Our powerful inverters and motors are the driving force behind successful tunnel construction projects worldwide. Whether for tunnel driving, conveyor belt drives, or other critical applications – BREUER® offers a wide range of solutions designed for precision and durability. Trust us to implement your tunnel construction efficiently and according to plan.


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