Drives for demanding testing procedures

BREUER® understands the complexity and requirements of modern test beds.

For test beds and our customers, reliable drive solutions are essential. From handling heavy loads to precise speed control, test benches must meet the highest standards. Traditional motors often reach their limits, especially when dealing with high temperatures, torque, and complex load cycles. This leads to inefficient testing procedures and potential downtimes.

Precise Solutions

Robustness against high temperatures and torque ensures long-term performance of BREUER® inverters and motors. Unlock the precision and efficiency that make your test beds more powerful with us.


Custom motors for maximum precision and efficiency.

Our drive solutions set new standards for precision and efficiency, whether it’s handling heavy loads, precise speed control, or adapting to complex load cycles. Robust against extreme temperatures and torque, our inverters and motors are the key component for reliable and accurate testing procedures. BREUER® helps you elevate your test bed applications to a new level of performance.


Are you in search of the ideal drive solution for your project?