Focus on exploration

Efficient energy for oil & gas exploration.
BREUER® relies on pioneering technologies to tackle the challenges in the oil and gas industry. Our focus on energy efficiency and customized solutions reflects our commitment to CO2-reduced production, aiming to create a more sustainable industry.

Pioneers in custom design and efficiency

As a leader in motor and inverter technology, BREUER® specializes in placing energy-efficient products at the forefront of our daily work. We provide you with customized solutions, thereby ensuring sustainability and reducing your energy costs. Our low-voltage and medium-voltage motors power mud pumps, hoisting systems, rotary tables, and top drives. In addition to outstanding features in maintenance-free operation, we achieve extremely low noise emissions to ensure safe drilling operations.

Safety and reliability

BREUER® not only guarantees efficient energy procurement but also prioritizes safety and reliability.

Inverters and motors are specially selected according to their use, and adaptations for our customers’ ideas can be implemented at any time. In addition to motors, BREUER® offers inverters, top-drive containers, and complete switchgear for powering your drilling rigs. 

Connection to a generator is just as possible as connection to the local supply network. Regenerative solutions can redirect energy within the system to where it is needed.


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