Robust Drives in Mining

BREUER® masters underground challenges with precision.
In the demanding mining environment, reliable and powerful drive solutions are crucial. BREUER® understands the specific needs of this industry, where extreme conditions and high demands are prevalent. We are familiar with the challenges arising from various mining applications and have been delivering suitable solutions for over 100 years.

Powerful and Durable

BREUER® sets new standards with high-performance motors for mining. Our custom solutions are specially developed for the challenges in coal mining. They reliably handle dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. They are used in conveyors, longwall mining, and underground equipment. Our inverters and motors are efficient and durable. Mining companies that choose us gain a partner for innovation and precision.


Maximum Performance & Minimal Failures
We offer a comprehensive range of powerful motors and inverter motors, optimized for the specific requirements of mining and coal mining. From conveyor belts to mine ventilation and underground vehicles – our drive solutions maximize performance and minimize downtime. Robustness and durability are deeply embedded in every phase of our product development.


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