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Our marine inverters and motors are designed for extreme conditions, whether it’s the constant impact of saltwater, vibrations on rough seas, or the demands for efficiency. With a focus on corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance, environmental regulations, and necessary certifications, our inverters and motors meet the highest standards of the maritime industry. 

The breadth of our product range allows you to select the perfect drive for your offshore applications, whether for commercial cargo ships, cruise ships, or offshore platforms.

Overcoming challenges on the water.

The integration of advanced materials and designs into our inverters and motors minimizes the impact of saltwater corrosion, while special constructions cushion vibrations and shocks. Through intelligent systems, we ensure that our inverters and motors operate reliably even in extreme climate conditions.

Our inverters are optimized to be flexible. Whether it’s the confined sizes on board, necessary weight optimizations, special containers with DNV, ABS, or other certifications, or the ease of maintenance access. Air- and water-cooled inverters, redundant systems up to the megawatt range.

BREUER® for the maritime world

Motors and inverters for maximum strain.

BREUER® offers an outstanding selection of maritime drive solutions designed for peak performance and reliability on the high seas. Our inverters and motors impress not only with their robust construction but also through innovative technologies that ensure maximum efficiency. 

From offshore drilling platforms to tugs—our extensive product range enables you to choose the perfect inverter and motor for your needs. Here, the focus is on the environmental friendliness and effectiveness of our motors.

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