Overcoming challenges, optimizing performance

Sustainable energy production.
Successful energy generation from solar, wind, water, and wave motion requires not only powerful but also specially adapted inverters that can handle the unique challenges of these environments. Robust solutions for heavy loads, large temperature fluctuations, high vibrations, and humid conditions are essential in energy generation, and BREUER® inverters play a crucial role in this field. Choosing the right inverters is therefore vital to ensure the reliability and efficiency of energy generation facilities.

Smooth Performance

Through advanced materials and constructions, our inverters minimize electrical losses and ensure perfect integration into your grid with the appropriate certifications. Many sophisticated and intelligent safety features, along with functions required by grid operators, ensure safe operation at all times. BREUER® is organized as a project team in energy generation and supports you from the initial idea to series production. Challenge us and benefit from various solved applications in energy generation.

Performance-optimized inverters for sustainable energy

Designed for the highest demands.
With cutting-edge technologies and sustainable construction, our inverters and motors are designed to maximize the efficiency of your facilities. Energy generation from solar, wind, water, and wave motion always requires detailed planning, ideas, and cost-optimized calculations, where BREUER® provides perfect support.


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