Precision and Performance for Demanding Industrial Sectors

Extreme Conditions
In all industries, demands are constantly increasing. New environmental regulations have made the use of innovative and reliable drive solutions essential. With the VFM, BREUER® replaces old diesel generators with electric solutions without the need for significant changes to machines, pumps, or other applications. This also applies to facility expansions. On drilling rigs, there are usually two pumps installed, but new tenders specify three pumps. Instead of changing the entire VFD container, you only need the compact and flexible VFM as a drive solution. Converter motors are central to improving efficiency and reducing downtime. We understand the challenges associated with extreme operating conditions. That is why we offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Over a Century of Experience

With over a century of experience in drive technology, we position ourselves as a leading provider of inverter motors. Our expertise spans from development to manufacturing to the implementation of complex systems. We offer not only products but complete and ready-to-connect solutions that guarantee performance, efficiency, and reliability.


In the industrial sector, precision and reliability are essential. BREUER ® inverter motors are known for their efficiency and durability and can be used and modified in a variety of industrial applications to meet your specifications. These motors and inverters are designed to adapt to your requirements and provide optimal performance under the most demanding conditions. 

Do you not want to set up an external inverter, or do you have many stations to equip over hundreds of kilometers in your pump application? With a VFM from BREUER ®, you can save many costs. Technically, the VFM offers many advantages. If you have problems with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), usually due to the motor cable between the inverter and motor, the VFM, which combines motor and VFD and therefore has no cable, eliminates disturbances that could affect your systems. The key advantage of using a VFM is not only the cost savings compared to using a separate inverter and motor.

Many costs arise from additional requirements such as air conditioning, containers, control rooms, or houses, shielded motor cables, longer commissioning times, and the separate setup of components. With the VFM, all of this is no longer necessary. For a pump, it is simply the pump, power cable, and the VFM. Nothing more.


BREUER ® inverter motors are specially tailored to the needs of the mining industry. Every component, from motor design to wiring, is developed in compliance with the strictest standards, allowing us to deliver ready-to-connect units that stand the test of various applications and industries. In mining, the VFM is unique and offers both commercial and technical advantages. The VFM is flexible in use and installation. It can be quickly moved in the longwall without major modifications. No secure room is necessary; the VFM can be set up openly in the longwall. All connections and displays are safely certified. The VFM is extremely service-friendly and can be easily repaired underground. If you have problems with EMC, usually due to the motor cable between the inverter and motor, the VFM, which combines motor and VFD and therefore has no cable, eliminates disturbances that could affect your systems.

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, where reliability and safety are top priorities, BREUER ® inverter motors offer an outstanding solution. The VFM (Variable Frequency Motor with integrated VFD) is an innovation developed specifically for the coal mining industry over 25 years ago and has since been successfully used and adapted for onshore and offshore drilling applications. The BREUER ® VFM ensures safe operation with minimal effort and cost for you as the user. On a drilling rig, VFMs can be flexibly and optimally used for mud pump and drawworks applications. If you want to expand a drilling rig with a third mud pump without changing or adding a new VFD container (PowerHouse), the VFM will interest you. With a VFM, you can easily expand your system without the risk of making changes to the VFD container or encountering EMC issues. The VFM on your pump can be fully tested at the factory and then delivered to your drilling rig as a complete unit. No risk and the simplest installation and commissioning.