Overview of Frequency Inverters

From perfect control to energy savings and cost reduction
Frequency inverters play a central role in the world of drive technology and automation. Their ability to precisely control the speed of electric motors has made them an indispensable tool in numerous industries. The use of this technology leads to a significant increase in energy efficiency, perfect machine control, and extended machine lifespan by enabling smooth start and stop operations, which minimize mechanical wear. The perfect control over machine performance allows companies to significantly reduce operating costs and increase operational efficiency, making frequency inverters a smart investment for the future. Application areas and potential savings can be calculated in advance for many applications like pumps and fans, allowing for a precise determination of the return on investment beforehand.

Frequency Inverters for Every Challenge

BREUER® frequency inverters are characterized by their advanced technology, which guarantees outstanding energy efficiency and the precision that is crucial for many industrial applications. In addition to high-quality products, BREUER® places great emphasis on customer support, from the planning phase to commissioning and long-term maintenance. Choosing BREUER® means not only acquiring a leading product on the market but also entering a long-term partnership focused on reliability, durability, and future-proofing your installations. As a medium-sized company, BREUER® offers significant advantages in flexibility and direct contacts, perfectly implementing your wishes and ideas. With BREUER®, you don’t just buy a product; you have the opportunity to co-create. Due to the high power ranges of the inverters, usually in the three-digit and four-digit kW range, all solutions can be customized. Your solution as a standard.


For various applications
ecoVert® frequency inverters from BREUER® are used wherever industries demand the highest standards of quality, durability, and flexibility – for example, in the oil and gas industry, mining, steel and cement industries. They are also indispensable in sectors such as the marine industry, test bench technology, or special vehicle construction, for controlling motor-driven systems.

Flexible Modular System for Every Customer Requirement

The ecoVert® inverter series is characterized by a flexible modular system that covers a wide power range. Depending on customer requirements, flexible and reliable drive solutions from 15 kW to 1600 kW are possible. The series is available for grid voltages from 400 V to 4.16 kV. With the integrated DC-link connection, power can be supplied via direct current, or different ecoVert® inverters can be coupled on the DC side. Depending on the number of feeding inverters, they can be connected either individually with an integrated power supply or together with central power modules. The display-based user interface is clearly structured and easy for the user to operate intuitively. Diagnostic tools and a comprehensive protection concept support ongoing operation. Depending on the specific application and your requirements, we can also implement application-specific software solutions based on a coordinated specifications sheet. Take advantage of our extensive expertise and let us advise you on the selection of the right frequency inverter.