Electric MOTORS

Overview of Electric Motors

Powerful, efficient, reliable

Get an insight into our wide range of electric motors designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. We offer electric motors that power your projects and set new standards for performance and efficiency.

Innovation and Performance Combined

Electric drive systems are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they bring technical improvements, but they are also generally lower in emissions and quieter than diesel-electric solutions. Consequently, many governments today are pushing for the implementation of electric drives to achieve energy savings and meet emission limits. 
BREUER® has been developing and producing energy-efficient motors for various machines for many years to drive them as efficiently as possible according to current knowledge.

Benefit from our expertise in implementing your electric drive solution.

Products for Electric Motors

Typical Specifications:
  • AC voltages between 400 V and 4.16 kV
  • Power from 10 kW to 1600 kW
  • Protection classes: from IP24 to IP69
  • Technically reinforced motor designs
  • Manufactured and tested according to various certifications

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